Visiting Colorado

Fun Filled Things You Can Do While Visiting Colorado

Traveling to states like Colorado can be an exciting time for people that have never been there before. They have probably heard that you can see the Rocky Mountains, or they can travel to Denver, the Mile High City, but other than that they may not know what else is available. There are several places that you can go that will astound you, many of which are part of the natural terrain. Let’s go over some of the places you should visit when you get to Colorado by yourself, or with someone that is traveling with you.

Montezuma County In Colorado

There is a place called Mesa Verde National Park which is the home of ancient cliff dwellings. These were created by the Pueblo Indians, and it’s hard to imagine that a primitive culture could actually create something so incredible. It’s part of the many exhibits offered by the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum, and they go into great detail about the Native American culture that was in that area long ago. One of the best spots is Petroglyph Point Trail where you can see carvings that they placed in the rocks depicting what happened while they were present in the area.

Rocky Mountains National Park

If you only have a few days to spend in the state, you may as well go to another place that is out in the wilderness area. Rocky Mountain National Park is another place that you can see incredible sites in all directions. This is located in northern Colorado, part of what is called the Continental Divide, and it is an area that is protected. There are many forests, as well as Alpine tundra, that you can hike through while you are there. You can also visit many of the cities such as Aspen in Denver and take advantage of the sports activities and combine training facilities there. It’s a wonderful place to visit, especially if you have never been to Colorado before.

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