Botanic Gardens

Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Most people love to visit Colorado because of the numerous activities during the winter as well as surfing in the summer. While these are fun activities, there are also lots of other fun things to do in Colorado. Here are some of these things.

Visit The Botanic Gardens
If you love animals, birds, or picnics, then the Denver Botanical Gardens are the best spot to visit. There is a marvelous display of the birds as well as the plant life of most of the North American plants. You can go with your family and enjoy a picnic on the grounds after the exploration.

Visit Cheyenne Zoo
This is definitely an interesting place for animal lovers. The zoo is aimed at protecting endangered species, so you will get to see some animals that are not commonly seen from the world. You get to learn all about them. Apart from that, there are beautiful sceneries from the mountain slopes, which is the place where the zoo is located. You will need to be fit to climb up the trail though.

Telluride Mountain Village
This is a wonderful place to visit and take in the sights of the San Juan mountains. The ride is almost 15 minutes and will give any person an experience that they will never forget. During the winter, there offer skiing for visitors which means that you can try the activity if you love skiing.

Denver Museum Of Nature And Science
This is a place that you will love to visit especially if you are traveling with kids. The museum has the best displays of all sorts of animals, including dinosaurs. You can also learn lots about space and the weather.

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
You cannot visit Colorado and miss the amazing ride through the tunnels of this gold mine.

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